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What is Computer Eyewear and Who Needs It?

Last updated 7 years ago


Have you found that, after spending a great deal of time in front of a computer, your eyes feel tired, dry, and grainy? If you’ve noticed this happening more and more frequently, you may want to invest in computer glasses. Learn who can benefit most from computer glasses in this article.

Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain, also referred to as computer vision syndrome, is thought to be caused by the eye’s inability to focus on a computer screen for a prolonged period of time. Those who work with computers or who use computers for recreational purposes, may find that attempts to switch focus from their screen to their keyboard will cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. In addition, those over the age of forty who suffer from presbyopia will find themselves more susceptible to these symptoms.

How Can Computer Glasses Help?

Computer glasses come in a variety of types and are prescribed based on the wearer’s current vision quality. The most common computer glasses feature single vision lenses that have been slightly tinted and specially formulated to allow for maximum comfort while viewing a computer screen from an assumed distance. With these glasses, wearers will be able to focus on the content displayed on a computer screen without straining the eyes.

For those with presbyopia, however, computer glasses with progressive lenses are often needed. These typically differ from standard progressive eyewear in that there is less room at the tops and bottoms of the lenses for distance and close-up vision correction.

Do you spend a great deal of time on the computer, for either professional or recreational purposes? Contact Wize Eyes at (631) 351-4900 and learn about the types of computer lenses we have in stock—we’ll be happy to help you make your selection!


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