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The Different Types of Eyeglasses for Different Vision Needs

Last updated 6 years ago

Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you is easy, especially when you know what will work best for your eyes. The first step to finding the right eyeglasses is to visit your optometrist for an eye exam. All adults should consider having a basic eye exam, even if they haven't experienced any obvious vision problems. Keep reading to learn about the different types of eyeglasses for different vision needs:

Eyeglasses for Nearsightedness

Glasses can be crucial for treating loss of vision or blurred vision. Nearsightedness is when it is difficult to see objects that are at a distance. For some, nearsightedness means wearing glasses all the time so that they can see. For others, glasses may only be needed for work, school, and driving.

Eyeglasses for Farsightedness

As people age, so do the eyes. Most people will experience farsightedness at some point in their life; farsightedness is when objects nearby become blurry or difficult to see. While drugstore eyeglasses are an option, it is far better for your eyes to have prescription reading or computer glasses. These glasses will cater directly to your eyes’ needs and will help prevent further deterioration of your vision.


Some people experience a deterioration of vision both near and far. They have the option to use bifocals, which are lenses that treat nearsightedness at the top of the lenses and farsightedness at the bottom. Most bifocal wearers now have the option to have progressive bifocals, where the lenses slowly change prescriptions depending on where the wearer is looking.

Sunglasses and Transition Lenses

Simply wearing sunglasses when you go outside can offer the protection your eyes need from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you have prescription lenses, however, consider getting prescription sunglasses or transition lenses. Transition lenses change from clear for indoor use to tinted for outdoor use just by walking in or out of the sun. Transition lenses can be the best option for people who wear glasses but don't want two pairs of prescription lenses.

The best way to find the right pair of glasses is to talk to an optometrist. Wize Eyes offers low-cost eye exams and eyewear. Call (888) 485-0076 to schedule an appointment or visit any one of our six Long Island locations today.


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